Use dimmer switch as normal switch??

Is it OK and safe to replace a non dimmer switch with GE Smart Dimmer switch 12724. The reason I’m asking is I was at Walmart today and they had all the ge zwave stuff out and over half off. They only had 1 non dimmer switch 12722 for $19.99 which I bought but they have about 5 of the dimmer 12724 switches. I’d like to replace as many switches with zwave switches and with them being marked down I may be doing that tomorrow. I just need to know if I can use them? The bulbs are led non dimmable but I’d just turn them on or off and not use the dim. Or if there’s a way to wire them as a non dimmer that would be better.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you are not going to be using bulbs that can be dimmed I wouldn’t recommend it, as rule creation and device operation is different with the dimmer switch, and it can cause damage to both the switch and the bulbs.

You cannot use a dimmer switch as a regular switch, there are no options there physically.