Upgraded radio Modem - No Signal Levels?

I purchased from you and upgraded my radio modem.

I do not show the radio signal level box anymore to see how strong the signal is. I would like to know

Also, when I did the Cell phone test 2 times, it was fine. Ran it again and its said not response from ADC. Ran it again and it reset the modem and its fine. A bit worried about consistency

In order to use the new modem and have an accurate measure of signaling you’ll need to swap the IMEI on your account using the tool in the System Manager. Currently it looks like the old CDMA module is still assigned to your account.

Visit the System Manager and select Swap Cellular Module/Panel.

Thanks. Switched the IMEI.

My cell signal is now 13/31. Seems low. Is that acceptable? The color is green. It used to be a lot higher? Something like 24/31 (I cant remember, maybe you have record).

It should be noted, I had an old CDMA attic antenna. Surety told me I can resuse it and hook it in to the main port. You can not do this per the specification. CDMA antennas are not comparable with LTE modules per the warning on the spec.

When I switched to the 2 antennas that came with the upgrade module, it increased the signal from 12/31 to 13./31 without an attic antenna.

I do have Go Bridge as backup… I am hoping this will be OK.

Surety told me I can resuse it

I think I found what you are referencing and it looks like he was confused. There is an LTE attic antenna available. In any case, I apologize for any confusion but that’s right you cannot use a 3G antenna with the LTE module. If you need one, this is it.

13/31 is good. Signal strength doesn’t need to be higher than that to have a solid connection. More telling is the registration time diagnostic which is as low as it can be right now (this is ideal) so you should be good to go!

Can you take a picture or clarify how the antenna that is supposed to be inside the GC2 is supposed to lay. The manual is not clear. It can’t fit flush against the side and the instructions show it at an angle which doesn’t make sense to me

There is an image in the manual that shows the orientation, but it is not very precise I agree. From experience, on some older GC2s the manual’s instruction is not even possible due to the way the plastic housing is constructed.

There shouldn’t be a bunch of extra cable in the panel housing when closed up, so laying it flat in the middle of the panel will usually work on order panels, sort of next to the module.