Upgraded from GC2 to GC3 and sensors going off falsely

I switched from a GC2 panel to a new GC3 panel. It has the latest firmware and I learned all of the zones on the GC3. I have some of the window thin sensors that now say they are open randomly when they aren’t. The window sensors are only 1.5 years old and it seems to be different ones randomly but a set of 4-6 of them consistently. Didn’t have a single issue with these zones with the previous GC2 and the panel is installed in the exact same location. Could this be a setting I missed? Any other tips to try?


Going from the GC2 to the GC3 shouldn’t result in major changes in signal quality, but they do use different physical transceivers/antennae and something about your installation may be more conducive to the raised modular brick of the GC2.

If you move the GC3 temporarily, do you see better reporting?

1.5 years can be right around the point of possible borderline low battery depending on how heavily the sensors are used/how old the batteries and sensors were when purchased, and lower battery capacity can affect signaling. Have you tried changing the batteries as a test?

I replaced the batteries in one sensor and just noticed the ones going off were on loop 1 and the others were all on loop 2. I switched them to loop 2 and I had success for about an hour. They just went off again so checking settings and to see if the one I replaced the batteries in was one of the culprits or not.