For whatever reason, I had the system check for an upgrade and it downloaded and installed systest142p. What is this? It also downloads something called water.tar.gz however it says installing and then it says “collection loaded successfully” but I can check again and it will do the same thing.

What are these patches? Also, any ideas when we can expect the next firmware update and what it will include? I would love to be able to use more of the markets z-wave devices.

I’ll get a little insight from Qolsys when they open, but it may have been an errant download of a Beta test file. The water.tar.gz sounds like an archive file which may be relevant to the future release of the ADC water management feature. But this is not a production firmware if that is the case.

Once I can speak to Qolsys I’ll get you better info.

Those downloads are just more screen saver pictures. some lovely new pictures by the way

Ha. Strange but benign. I like benign.