Updating names for sensors and is there a weather icon?


I’m setting up a system with an IQ4 panel and I went to alarm.com and updating the names of the sensors. I then went to the IQ4 panel and it still has the old names. Is there a way to force a sync so it grabs the names I have online and update the panel?

Secondly, I see that others have a weather icon on their dashboard, but I dod not. Is there a way to get that on there? I don’t see an option.


Sensor names in Alarm.com can be different and more specific for notification purposes, so sensor names do not automatically sync if you change them either in the panel or in Alarm.com after adding the sensor and the name syncing the first time.

You can manually change the name as needed on the panel, or we can send a command to sync names in Alarm.com to the panel. Send us a private message if you would like us to send this.

Weather forecast on the panel is a feature of the Home and Complete plans. To include weather forecast data, you can switch your plan in the system manager here.

Thanks for the reply. It looks like the panel does not let me customize the names. It only lets me select from a pulldown of names so I’ll have to DM to request it then…


On the IQ Panel you can select Custom Description, then type in whatever name you want.

ah, okay. I didn’t see it because it shows up below “front door”, lol. thx!