Updating firmware on GC2

Found the adapter so i just updated it to 1.16.

It restarted after going through both flashing screens

If i restart and unplug the cable, the lights on the front of the panel just alternate blinking red and white.

What do i do?

Update: Actually I restarted it again and it looks like it’s working fine now…

It would appear that your main panel is indeed reporting 1.16. You’ll want to verify that that the panel is functioning as it should and Test some sensors to ensure proper functionality through Alarm.com etc.

The TS1 is still reporting 1.10, did you try to update that one as well?

Yup updated that and installed the goBridge. The TS1 update didnt finish until about 25 minutes ago and last i looked it was still showing the 2gig logo in the bottom right instead of the surety one. Communicating with the panel fine though and the goBridge appears to be working