Updates to dsc neo

I have a dsc neo with dual path communicator. I think their may be a recommended update for the communicator and am not sure if there is one also for the panel.

How can I have any applicable updates pushed to my system to bring me to the latest released versions?

Thanks in advance!

I can get those sent now if you like. They will take 1-12 hours depending on cell signaling and the module and panel must remain powered up during that time. The panel may reboot during the process.

Would you like me to send those?

Yes, thanks. Please go ahead and send those now.


The communicator update is being sent now. The second update for the system ill be sent after this first one is complete.

Thanks I did receive the updates. However unfortunately now I seem to be having some issues.

After the updates installed, multiple sensors said “not networked” on the keypad. All of those resolved very soon thereafter (I’m guessing this was normal) except for one “Back Bathroom Window”. That one continue to say not networked.

I eventually appear to have narrowed this down to a wireless zone that had a device programmed with that name (which was a duplicate of an actual working sensor called back bathroom window) but the sensor was removed a long time ago (probably a bad sensor I had replaced). This got rid of the not networked entry called “back bathroom window”.

However in doing that I ended up removing and putting back the original sensor under a different zone with a new name “Bathroom Window”. I also added a new wireless sensor with the name “Master Door”. Both of these however now are reported as “not networked”.

Additionally at least one of the two wireless keypads I have (in addition to a wired one) intermittently keeps saying “panel response not received” as it is not connected properly. It appears to cycle thru the display normally but if I try to do something it is either really slow or gives the error message.

I’m not sure how to resolve these issues. In addition to everything else I also at one point remove the battery and ac power to completely power the system off and back on but that has not appeared to resolve the issues.

Any suggestions?

Another update - I may have gotten the issues resolved and will report back if they prove not to be.

After opening the two “not networked sensors” and tampering them I was able to get them to stop saying not networked and they appear to be working. Will double check in the morning.

In the case of the wireless keypad, it has an AC adapter and also batteries installed. I opened it up and replaced the batteries and then when I plugged it back in it appears to now be working reliably. I have no idea if the batteries were low…they could have been…but I don’t know why that would matter if it was also plugged into the AC wall outlet when it was acting odd.

I’ll monitor for the next couple days and hopefully the issues are now all corrected. not sure why the firmware update exposed these odd behaviors.


Yeah, not networked is a common message for devices that haven’t synced with the network. Sending a signal from them should help resolve it if it isn’t resolving on its own quickly.

Power cycling the keypad likely helped resolve that issue.