Updated GC3 Installation & Programming Guide (Rev B?)

I’ve successfully installed firmware load 3.1 on to my new GC3 panel, which i am currently programming.

Now that the GC3 supports wifi and home networking, will there be an update to the Installation & Programming Guide (Doc No.: 10004669; Rev. A)? There are multiple settings that can be made, and the Installation Guide does not appear to address the added capabilities released to the GC3 by the FW upgrade.

thank you

Yes that would be on older version of the programming guide. Changes to the programming guide regarding firmware version 3.1 have not been made available at this time with no ETA on when documentation will be updated.

Broadband related programming would be Q33-35 located in Panel Programming

  • Q33: Controls Broadband network failure time in minutes (0-255)
  • Q34: Broadband network failure causes trouble enabled or disabled (generate a trouble alert should broadband fail.)
  • Q35: Broadband network failure reports either enabled or disabled. (viewable in history)

Release notes for the firmware version 3.1 can be found here