Update older IQ panel


I recently purchased a home, and it came with a Qolsys IQ Panel. Pretty sweet, huh? Yeah…I thought so too, until I realized that the panel is old. It is a revision B and rocking the RFPIC of 1. It has Q1.3.4 for software and I would like to update it, and trying to figure out how.

I tried the default Installer/Dealer code, but these do not work. I went into user management and it only displays Duress and Master. Are they hidden by default? I assume the codes were changed and this is not an option.

Is there a way to load it from SD Card?

The recent owner of the house has one year remaining on the service agreement from panel, and I cannot use the Alarm.com app to do anything with the panel, as it isnt mine. Just trying to see how I can make this happen, and eventually add more sensors (smoke and CO) and get rid of the old smoke alarm system with wires all over the place in basement.


In the case that this panel is still monitored and uses Alarm.com service through a different provider, contacting the previous owner or current provider may help you retrieve codes.

The installer code would still be required to update firmware using an SD card, as that option is found in the installation menu.

Also, the RFPIC, determining some sensor compatibility, cannot be updated from version 1.

That said, accessing user management on the panel would require the master user code. You would be able to edit the master user code from here by pressing the pencil icon, but not installer codes.

The Qolsys panel has a built in communicator module which cannot be swapped out without replacing the panel, so in this case unfortunately the current Alarm.com account would need to be terminated before it could be used with another service.

I will contact him, but he has written all of the codes down in the manual from installation. The dealer/installer user accounts are not present in the system (that I can see when putting in the master code)

I know the hardware is limited, as the RFPIC. I dont want to replace the panel, but may if a lot of the sensors I want do add are not compatible with it.

While we cannot speak for the other company, keep in mind, if it is still technically being monitored, using the panel may result in unwanted dispatch/false alarms (they’ll be contacting the previous owner for an alarm if the monitoring has not been transferred to you and they are leaving the account active)

Given that you cannot swap the communicator on a Qolsys panel, this is probably a situation where you will want to try to resolve the issue with the prior owner/current monitoring provider. If you want to use the panel for monitoring, they will likely offer to transfer the remaining agreement to you. If you do not wish to use their monitoring/service it is likely necessary to replace the panel. Unless the Alarm.com account is no longer registered to the Qolsys module ID, you won’t be able to use it with any other service at all.

Ultimately, contacting the current provider will help get some options. If the panel was sold as part of the property, you may be able to work something out.