Update 2gig gc2e

Hello I was wanting to see if u all push the update for the gc2e on the 651 location and location 667 i have updated the smokes to all powerg but running in to an issue where the powerg outdoor contact is being picky saying door open when it closed idk if there a setting i need to look at or not

Sure the firmware update is on it’s way. Please don’t reboot or unplug your panel for the next 12 hours.

I don’t see a PowerG contact in your other system. Just smokes. Do you mean sensor 15 Front Porch Door? If it’s a 58160D make sure it’s programmed to loop 2 if you’re using the magnet/reed switch.

I forgot to mention I removed it back out until I’m able to work on it more so that they don’t have any issues setting the alarm but for a powerg outdoor sensor what should I select reed switch or what

If you’re using the magnet to open/close it select Reed Switch.

If you’re wiring a sensor to it and using it as a transmitter pick Axillary Normally Open/Closed depending on whether your wired sensor is NO or NC.

ok I’m gonna have to find some double sticky tape it won’t let me drill it in too the door and been fun I wish they made a powerg tilt sensor