Upcoming New IQ Remote

I read somewhere that Qolsys is working on a possible Power G (not WiFi) panel that will essentially replace the IQ Remote. Has anyone heard this?

While I like the IQ Remote, I don’t like the fact that there is no alarm status LED on it. I really like the LEDs on the IQ4 that stay lit (green or red) even after the screen turns off.

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We have heard similar things but have not seen any solid information on it or an ETA yet.

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Hi, looks like the IQ Remote PowerG panel was just announced yesterday. Not only adds PowerG but provides greatly improved Wi-Fi pairing, speakers and a replaceable battery.

Pre-order has started and delivery is end of March. Here is the link to the announcement video.


Sweet. I just saw this and came here. Thanks for the info. It looks like it has an alarm status LED behind the speaker mesh.

Yes it in the installer manual. Better yet, it is has vastly improved WI-FI connectivity and a replaceable battery.
I am in the market for one now, so I hope Surety adds it to their product lineup soon.

I do not have an exact ETA yet, but we expect to sell it very soon. I’ll follow up here. I believe it should be within the week.

Jason, thanks for the follow up and I will look forward to the announcement.

You’re not alone in wanting an LED status light. The peace of mind from waking up in the middle of the night and being able to glance over at a large red house symbol on my panel is one of the reasons I’ve stuck with 2GIG products for so long. It’s also nice to be able to see instantly if any door or window is open, even when the screen has timed out. I’m excited that Qolsys will offer a next generation model with a status light.

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