Upcoming New IP Cameras for Alarm.com

New camera models are on the way, the ADC-V522IR, and the ADC-V722W

A few details regarding these cams:

1080p HD video
IR Night Vision
2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi
For the ADC-V522IR, a built-in Ethernet jack and easy-to-use mounting brackets simplify installation

whats the FPS on these cameras? The only info i can find is saying 5 FPS. Thats not right is it?

All saved Cloud Video clips have a max of 5FPS.

Lower FPS for saved video is pretty standard in all surveillance applications. Video Quality should be more or less maxed for the greatest detail, and FPS set lower for efficient storage.

The SVR supports up to 30FPS if desired, but the X22 models of camera currently set the same 5 FPS max for both clips and SVR.