Unpaired Remote Sensor


First, let me say I love this forum. I am not a customer but have learned alot from this forum. My issue is that I recently installed a remote temp sensor to go along with the T-2000 thermostat. I am able to see it in the alarm.com site and app and it is even reading the temp. How do I get it to ‘pair’ with my thermostat? I don’t see a thermostat icon on the T-2000 card in the website and in the app I have it labeled as 'Unpaired Temp Sensor (see attachment). Do I need to contact my service provider?

Happy to assist!

To start, which panel are you currently utilizing and what firmware version is it at?
How far away is the RTS from the panel? What about the nearest repeating node?

I am able to see it in the alarm.com site and app and it is even reading the temp
I don’t see a thermostat icon on the T-2000 card
So the Remote Tempt sensor is reporting the current temp on the Temperature Card, but on the Thermostat Card, you do not see the thermometer icon? Can you re-attach the image? The icon should appear on the ADC-T2000 card once the RTS is learned into the panel

Thanks. I am using the GC3 panel with firmware 1.14. It’s pretty far from the panel but the nearest node is a light switch and there are a number between the bedroom and the panel. I have attacked another pic from the website

Correction I have a GC2 panel sorry for the typo

One more thing…I removed it and added bbn it back into my panel and it is showing as a multilevel routing sensor. Is that correct?

How did you learn the RTS in?
After Removing and re-learning in the RTS did you run a Network Rediscovery?

Device type should be Remote Temperature Sensor. Multilevel is not typical of how it should show in the panel. You may want to contact your dealer regarding this issue as they can provide better back end information.

Ok I will do that and report back

Could it be something is incorrect with the thermostat? I ask that because the temp sensor itself seems to show the temp and show in the website and app as a temp sensor

I want to clarify here: The RTS does not participate in Network Rediscovery. Unlike most Z-wave devices, it only learns in via network wide inclusion (NWI). This means it must be learned in in its permanent location.

That said, the ADC-T2000 does have a requisite firmware version to pair the RTS and average temps. What version do you have?

In order to confirm your ADC T2000’s firmware version, while the T2000 mode is off, hold the up arrow button for about 3 seconds. You should see a number displayed (Ex. X.XX) along with the symbols for both heat and cool.

If your Tstat firmware is 1.2 or later though, you would need your provider to contact Alarm.com regarding your account. Please see this similar post.

Thanks all. I have verified that I have 1.5 version firmware. I am now working with my service provider to see if they can get it resolved. I let them know what you mentioned above. Also want to thank you guys for having the best forum for us that love Alarm.com!!