Unknown System

Hi all, I just inherited this unknown system. It’s an old Brinks/ADT system and the model number is BHS-400A. Is this any good? Can a cellular module be installed? More than one control panel? It also has some type of thing hooked on it with two antenna. Maybe for wireless sensors?

Sounds like an ADT panel. ADT/Brinks panels don’t use alarm.com. On top of that, Brinks is proprietary and requires a standalone programmer or download.

You may be able to reuse any wireless Honeywell sensors though. Otherwise, if wired, you can try a TAKEover module at the can. As for the keypad and rest… useless. If it hasn’t been locked out and bricked remotely, it will be soon enough.

It would not be able to be used with Alarm.com in any way (the panel, anyway)

Is this a new home with this system installed in it? Or is this a panel that was removed and gifted?

The above poster is correct, you could use a TAKE-345 or Hardwire 16 and use the existing wired sensors with 2GIG or Qolsys, respectively.

If you do have wireless sensors, what model numbers are they? I think the BHS4000 is based off Honeywell. (The panel itself is in fact proprietary and you wouldn’t be able to do much with it)