Unknown master / installer / dealer code - GE/Interlogix - can still use surety?

I bought a home that came with a working Guardian security system (I believe GE/ interlogix concord panel and keypad) andthe previous owner cancelled the service at sale. I never received any codes from the prior owner for the system, but I know that it is fully working. I am planning to use the Surety Home plan with self monitoring, but am not sure how this will work as I don’t know the current codes.

I confirmed on your website that my alarm.com cellular module IMEI is eligible for connection with your service. But I would like to know:

  1. if I will be able to obtain/reset the installer/dealer/master codes on my system after my service subscription with you?

  2. Will I be able to use the local keypads as well as alarm.com apps to arm and disarm?

  3. Will I be able to add/program additional sensors or keypads (I do have additional zone available on the panel)


The issue with not having any codes is needing to run a cell test to complete setup steps. Sometimes cellular can connect without the manual cell test, but usually it does not.

You will need at least the Master user code to run that test. The Installer code can be reset remotely after getting connected, so it is not needed, but at least the master code is.

I would recommend reaching out to your realtor in a case like this to facilitate getting the correct code.

Once connected to service yes you can use the local keypads or Alarm.com to control your panel. You can add any compatible devices you need to down the line.

The Concord 4 is a GE/Interlogix panel though, and Interlogix closed up all security system related business years ago. They no longer make parts for those systems, so depending on the part you are looking for it might be tough to find.

I did use this same system to connect to surety about a year ago, but at that time I had only used the video/doorbell monitoring and home automation part of it… I did not need the keypads at that time, but for my current home security needs, I would need the keypads for arming/disarming.

If the alarm.com cellular network connects to your system like before and you reset the installer code, would I be able to change the master code after that?


If you connect the system to an account you can change your master code at any time in Alarm.com. It is the user code linked to your primary account name.

The problem is that generally you need that code first. It is certainly possible to try and see if it will connect, I just want to be clear the expectation is that there may be a problem connecting.

I made the $14 payment for your plan, and tried to activate. It is now asking me to run the manual cellphone test and enter the installer code or master code for doing so… I tried to enter the default 4321 installer code, but it didn’t seem to work…

Is there any chance the installer code was reset previously, when I had the video monitoring and home automation account with you? Or is it possible to reset the installer code now?
Do you have any suggestions for what installer code I could try?

A cell test is typically required in order to get the system successfully connected. You need a code to run the cell test.

Is there any chance the installer code was reset previously, when I had the video monitoring and home automation account with you? Or is it possible to reset the installer code now?
Do you have any suggestions for what installer code I could try?

I think I was a bit confused about the original question.

The original question made me assume you are talking about a new Concord 4 panel in a house you just moved into.

So you previously activated service with us using that very system? A code would have been used to run the cell test in that case.

We do not maintain installer codes and we do not change them except when explicitly requested by the user. We cannot change them unless the system is communicating. The system usually will not communicate successfully unless you use a code to run the cell test.

I think I see how you were able to use an account with the panel linked to it before. I am not sure if the panel ever connected, but it looks like you originally purchased a video only subscription, then later added automation support.

You would be able to use third party automation stuff like Lutron, Sonos, etc., in that case even if the panel had never connected.

In this case the panel must connect. A code is needed for that.

I tried a few installer codes that I found online and it seems one of them worked. I believe I have the correct installer code now as I was able to get into the programming menu on the keypad. I followed the steps that I posted in the image earlier, but I haven’t seen any change in here yet. I guess I need to wait half an hour to allow it to update/connect!?

Appreciate any help

There is no communication from your panel in Alarm.com yet. No cell test and no acknowledgement from commands sent.

Try another cell test.

Also, can you send a PM with a photo of the cell module open, showing the IMEI and antenna connections?

Thanks for your help. I did eventually get it figured out. The communication was initially not getting sent due to a "Bus failure … " error on the system. I eventually found that there was an issue with the bus wiring, related to a missing fuse connection. I put the fuse in and then the error went away and it is working now.