Uninterruptible power supply

What UPS capacity would be required to power the 2gig gc2 for 24 hours after a power outage?

In general, uninterruptible power supplies aren’t typically designed for this kind of extended usage.

Consumer UPS units typically look to provide a battery backup solution to allow you to save data, properly shut down, etc., in the event of a power outage, providing 15 minutes or so (maybe upwards of an hour) of run-time depending what all is plugged in.

The panel’s internal battery should last roughly 24 Hours. This is because when power loss is detected, the panel will enter a power save mode while running off the internal battery.

The last time I had a power outage the system did not remain powered nearly that long. Would that be because most of the system’s sensors are actually part of a wired system communicating to the GC2 via two translators? If that’s the case, would a UPS make sense at the wired panel?

The last time I had a power outage the system did not remain powered nearly that long

The Hardwired sensors and translators would not have any impact on how long the internal battery of the 2GIG panel lasts. Are you saying that the 2GIG panel itself lost power quickly? That would mean you should replace the internal backup battery pack in the 2GIG panel.

There would be an internal battery in the hardwired panel as well, (12VDC brick alarm battery) this would be the one acting as a backup for any powered hardwired sensors like glass breaks and motion detectors, as well as the old panel board. Depending on usage both the 2GIG and old panel battery should generally be replaced every 4-5 years.