Unexpected error


I just received a push notification on my iPhone that said “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again.” In 5 years with this system, I never got that.

Well, I wasn’t in the middle of anything so I’m not sure what to try again. I checked the GC2 panel- nothing out of the ordinary. I signed into the website- nothing unusual. I opened the app and nothing there either including checking the history.

The only possible thing I could see causing this is I am in New England and we are having some pretty serious rain/wind storms today and there could have been a minuscule flicker of power. Would this be your guess?

That wouldn’t be the result of a push notification, there are no notifications sent near the time you posted. This would indicate an error locally on the app, likely a communication error for the phone device while a background status check was occurring. This could have been caused by power fluctuation if you were on wifi.

After I posted this, I found out there were a couple of other glitches on our wifi unrelated to the security system so you are absolutely correct. Thank you.