Unexpected Door Chime

Overall, love the system. However…I was just sitting here on the computer and my back door is open (it’s a beautiful day here!) My door has been open for over an hour (per the ADC history, was opened at 3:22pm). About 10 minutes ago, the control panel chimed like when the door is opened - wasn’t my doorbell so I checked the ADC history which shows the door was opened at 3:22pm and opened at 4:34pm (no closure in between) – why would it show the false reading at 4:34?


No false, you door is in fact open.

I suspect it has to do with the supervised aspect of the sensor. Left open for extended period of time with no change in its triggered (open) condition, and every so often the panel gets a periodic sensor status, when your supervised sensor reported its status to panel, it reported as “open”.

It is also possible some remote command or system test was received/triggered via alarm.com which may have resulted in panel announcing the open sensor.

I have had weird stuff like this happen after I opened windows, left them open, then later, closed them (I may have bypassed them and armed panel stay, I don’t remember). The panel would announce they were closed (as if I had just did it) the next supervisory sensor report (usually within twenty min to an hour or so). I thought it a bit weird, but as soon as the supervised sensors “reported” they were fine.

You will notice something like this often if you commonly reboot your panel. (can be done by saving programming changes) If sensors are in an open position when the panel restarts, unless they close and open again, they will register as open during the next supervisory period.

Thanks, that explains it! I did program in a motion sensor and rebooted the panel in between the two chimes.

Appreciate the response!