Unexpected Alarm

2GIG CP2. with FW.
This AM I received an alarm notification after departing from home. System was armed via app, AWAY WITH DELAY. Exit DELAY is set for 120 sec.

Panel armed away with Delay at 08:31 mobile
Garage Front Bay bypassed 08:31
Armed Away 08:31
Garage Front Bay Closed 08:31
Garage Front Bay end of bypass08:31
Garage Front Bay ALARM 08:34

So if Garage Front Bay was recognized as closed why was the next entry End of Bypass? Clearly it would be more helpful to have better resolution on time of day but the close was recognized before the End of Bypass.

Q87 on the 2GIG GC2 determines how it behaves during remote arming commands with regard to open zones.

Your system has Q87 programmed as (0) auto-bypass with zone participation on restore.

So this means that when a zone is open and the panel is armed, it will bypass that zone until such time as that sensor is closed. It unbypasses. It can then trigger an alarm if opened again.

The history you are referencing shows that process. If you would like zones open at the time of arming to instead remain bypassed for the whole arming period, change Q87 to (1) Auto-Bypass.

Thank you for the reply, and I understand the function of Q87. We armed from the app while in the vehicle. The garage door was down but perhaps the panel was armed before the garage door contact was closed, and therefore went into bypass. At that point we drove away, there was not a second opening of the garage door, yet we got the alarm notification a block from home. Perhaps I have a flakey sensor on my garage door?

That’s possible. What model of sensor are you using?

Tilt sensors are more prone to false alarms from wind/vibration. Magnetic sensors are more reliable however with wear and tear on the door the alignment may need adjusted over time.

Mind posting a photo of the sensor or sending a PM with one?

Sensor is DW10/345. It is within 50 ft of the panel with only drywall between. I have had this in place for about 10 years and no issues. It does seem like it does take the panel some 5-10 sec. or so to detect state change of the sensor. Is this just due to polling rate?

Since installing this sensor, I have added MyQ to the opener. Would use of this in some way be a better way of determining door status? I really like to keep my alarm system operation not dependent on WiFi so I have never explored this.

It does seem like it does take the panel some 5-10 sec. or so to detect state change of the sensor. Is this just due to polling rate?

The DW10-345 is an interior sensor, it is not meant for outdoor conditions. It is robust and many people do use one in the garage, but this is usually for man doors, and it is not recommended because eventually environmental conditions are likely to cause issues.

It is better to use an outdoor rated sensor in the garage.

Additionally, the sensor is mounted right next to a big source of metal, which affects signaling. If your climate is mild and you use a DW10 in the garage, it would be better to use a wired door sensor and connect it to the wired input of a DW10 as a transmitter.

MyQ cannot be used as a security sensor and does not directly communicate with the panel. An alarm sensor would be needed.

Ideally, I would recommend using a 2GIG-DW30 outdoor sensor for that purpose. It has a wider magnetic gap which helps handle tolerances of something large like a gate or garage door. It also has a wired input.