Unexpected alarm behavior

I’m not sure what happen today with my alarm. I armed the system away from the mobile app. I returned home later entered the house and my panel reported a “possible crash and smash”. However, we put the disarm code in correctly and the panel was disarmed ( not alarm siren went off). We did get a phone call from Surety right after however we missed the call. The police showed up to the house later (30 min) after the arriving home. I told them the alarm never went off and I wasn’t sure what happened. I later looked at my phone and noticed the missed calls.

Can someone look at the history and tell me what happened?? I decide to update the firmware of the panel in case it was a software issue.

Was on version 2.5.x and upgraded to 2.6.1.

Crash and Smash alarms occur when Alarm.com sees that entry delay started, but then does not see either a disarm or alarm signal (one of which should occur)

This means that communication from the panel was interrupted, which is assumed to potentially be a crash and smash attack, where the panel is disabled by an intruder.

It looks like in this case the disarm signal was delayed when sent by the panel likely due to a temporary signaling/processing issue. This kind of thing is very rare, so it is difficult to say with certainty.

The disarm signal did come in, but 5 seconds after the assumed crash and smash went out.

A reboot would be recommended, which would naturally occur after firmware update. I would have also recommended updating firmware.

Have you noticed any other signals delayed or missing?

I had noticed that my notifications would be delayed (several minutes). I’ll see how the new update behaves.