Unable to Upgrade 2GIG GC3 and SP1s

Hi all,

My home has 1x 2GiG GC3 and 2x 2GIG SP1 panels. I’m running on firmware 3.1.3, build 6257, and have tried multiple times to upgrade to 3.2.0 and 3.2.1 and each time I get error 17. I have tried different USB drives and still get a failure each time.

During the upgrade process it shows status messages that its booting up on the upgraded firmware but then it reboots again and boots up with the old 3.1.3 version. Would love any guidance on what I can do to get my panels upgraded to the latest version.

Thank you!

Try powering off the panel for a few minutes, then power back up. Wait until it fully boots to insert the USB.

Make sure the USB drive is otherwise completely empty and only has one partition. This link here is 3.2.1 directly from 2GIG

Thanks Tyler, I will try turning it off and on and see if it makes a difference.

One weird thing I noticed was that after trying an upgrade and it failing I had to run “Check Network” for my Z-wave devices and that my Alarm.com user codes for my smart-locks no longer worked. Had to un-assign users from all locks and re-assign them for it to work.

I’ll power cycle the GC3 and report back. Do I need to do the same on the SP1s also?

Thank you again for taking the time to read and reply!

You can power cycle the SP1 as well. When powering down tbe GC3 and SP1 sure to do a full power cycle (transformer and internal battery) then wait a few minutes and power back up, battery then transformer.

How big is the USB drive you are utilizing? We have seen occasions where USB drives with too much storage space fail to update properly. Try an 8 or 16GB size USB drive.