Unable to pair Raynor garage door opener with MyQ

I have a Raynor garage door opener with red programming button. I have had a previously working setup with the MyQ app, and am trying to migrate over to Alarm.com. While going through the Alarm.com device addition setup, I am able to pair the door sensor. However after being instructed to press the programming button (after which Alarm.com would instruct the wifi hub to pair with the opener), nothing happens and the pairing step times out.

I re-added the opener to MyQ and confirmed that everything worked. I removed the device from the MyQ app and restarted the device addition process in Alarm.com. Again, I was able to complete the Hub-Door sensor step. I just cannot seem to complete the Hub-Opener pairing step.

Thank you!

Just to double check here, there are distinct steps where instructions are presented about what will happen in the next step, but unless you click continue, the commands are not sent.

It sounds like this may be what is happening so I want to be sure we rule that out first.

Go back to that step as you did before, list the wording of that step and a screenshot if needed. ADC must initiate the pairing first, then pressing the button on the opener would pair it.

Hi, I have pressed the continue button as prompted. At this time the hub status light flickers. During the MyQ app pairing sequence, this would be immediately followed by the garage opener light toggling on and off and then the door opening.

On the ADC website, the hub flickers but then nothing happens and the process times out. It almost seems as though the wrong code is being sent? I’m sure that I have selected the correct button color and I know that ADC can communicate with the hub due to being able to successfully pair the door sensor.

How many doors are supposed to be connected? Is it just the one?

Depending on the model instructions you can manually pair the door and hub, and there would be no need to add it through ADC.

Can you confirm the model number of the hub you are using?

The MyQ hub model is myQ-G0401-ES.

The opener is a Raynor Aviator. I only have one door

Thank you. Are you factory resetting the hub when you test adding it through MyQ and then adding it back to ADC?

Technically I believe you should be able to skip the issue you are having by pairing the door with your hub in the MyQ app, then just removing the hub registration in MyQ app (do not factory reset the hub or delete the door) and then registering in ADC.

Would you like me to delete the hub from your ADC account so you can try this?

Hi Jason, I did try factory resetting the hub before adding to ADC. I would not mind trying your solution. Please remove the hub.

Thank you!

Done, you should be able to try in a couple minutes.

Sorry, I do not see any options for unregistering a hub, only deleting it.

Deleting the hub = unregistering.

You just need to be sure the MyQ serial number of the hub is not assigned to a MyQ account, then you can add in ADC