Unable to operate August Smart Lock from IQ2+

I’ve been trying all afternoon to connect my August smart lock to the IQ2+ panel.
Went through everything to clear the device from previous Z-Wave hubs, added it properly but then when trying to operate it says that “this device was added in non-secure mode”. So I’ve been unable to arm/disarm/refresh status.

Any idea what could be causing this?

I sent some commands to resync z-wave devices and both locks are appearing in Alarm.com. Are you able to control the August lock?

Which version of the August lock do you have?

What is your panel’s Z-Wave firmware? This can be found in the Settings > Advanced Settings > About > Z-Wave section.

I also have a Schlage Connect connected to the panel. I removed both yesterday, tried the setup again and it seemed to work.
It was working fine last night, but now there seems to be a major delay to getting the doors to lock (more than 10 seconds).

I have the August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Gen running the 1.59.0-2.0.1 firmware.
The Z-Wave firmware on the panel is 6.81.03 with the 6.04 API.

Any idea what might be causing such a large delay?

Thank you for that information.

After pairing or removing Z-Wave devices, a Z-Wave network rediscover needs to be run (I have sent commands to do this now). This helps the system map out the best routes for Z-Wave commands.

I notice that you only have two battery powered locks and no other Z-Wave devices. How faraway from the panel is each lock?

The August lock is about 3 feet away and the Schlage about 20 feet. They are all aligned if that makes sense (in a straight line).

If you notice slower then normal commands, try rebooting the panel from programming. Any change?

You may notice slower commands depending on the amount of repeating Z-Wave nodes you have attached to your system as well.

Z-Wave works best with more devices in the network as it is a mesh system. Some devices even act as repeaters, repeating signals across the network. Unfortunately, locks (as they are battery powered) do not repeat signals.

More on Z-Wave Network strength here

Anyone with an update on this? it is added but it is not working on my panel for me

Difficulty controlling a compatible Z-wave device will come down to general Z-wave installation best practices.

It doesn’t look like you have a related Surety account so I cannot view your devices, but generally speaking, with Z-wave locks, if they are more than 20-25 feet away, or if you have multiple locks, there is no getting around needing repeating devices to improve the network signal range and strength.

Please see this post for tips on how to improve your network.

A couple other general tips:

  1. Z-wave locks must be learned in within 6 feet of the panel.
  2. Always run a network rediscovery after adding a new device/devices.