Unable to add IQ DW Mini-S and IQ Glass-S to IQ panel 4

When I try to add my door sensors and glass break sensor, the panel does not recognize it.

First, I went to the app, then “Add Device”, then “Other Z-wave”. I triggered the sensor as described in the instructions and on videos I found online, but the system doesn’t recognize them.

I’ve tried multiple sensors and multiple batteries, so I’m confident it’s user error. All instructions and videos ive found were targeted to the IQ panel 2.


Security devices are added locally at the panel, the add device function on the app is for home automation and video devices. To add your door/window and glass break sensors on your panel click on the upper gray bar (clock), go to settings, advanced settings. Enter the installer code (default is 1111. Then installation, devices, security sensors and auto learn sensor. Trip your device and choose proper settings to enroll.

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I don’t have an installation option when i sign onto my panel

That is the master settings, looks like you used your master code. When you click on advanced settings you want to use the installer code not your master. Try 1111 that’s the default installer, if not try 2222 for default dealer code.

Unfortunately, neither 1111 nor 2222 are accepted by the panel.

Is this a brand new panel directly from Surety or used?

ADT got to it before I did. It was registered through then before i swapped it to Surety.

Okay gotcha. The system is already active with Surety though correct? You have access to your Surety Customer Account Portal?


Perfect! Since the system was previously ran by ADT they use their own installer and dealer info, but you can easily reset both installer and dealer codes to default from your customer portal. Log in at My Account - Surety , go to system manager, log in using your alarm.com password. Once you’re there there under “My Alarm System” you should have options to reset both installer and dealer codes.

Once you do that, you should be able to program your sensor following the steps I provided previously.

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It should look like this

That did it! Thanks so much!

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