Unable to add contact sensors

I have several 345-DWS01-MAIN-V06 contact sensors (all serialized from 2019-11-08). The QR code on the back of their enclosure boxes are all warn/torn from being mounted/removed so I can’t manually adopt them. I just moved into this house and these sensors were previously paired with the system on the previous owners account. I have reset everything on my system and restarted with my own service plan since then and I’m unable to pair them back in. I’ve tried security sensor → auto-learn, and was able to pick my motion sensor back up, but even after replacing batteries in these contact sensors, nothing seems to work. Even tried adding them as z-wave for funsies - yes I know that was pointless. Can someone assist me in adding these back in?

Can you send a photo of the sensor in question?

To confirm, are you attempting to pair these 2GIG sensors with the Qolsys panel on file?

If so, they are not compatible. 2GIG sensors are 345MHz and the panel on file is 319.5MHz.