Is there a way to tell the device or manufacturer of the device by the TX ID? I was trying to set up a Smoke detector to the 2gig cp2 panel but during the learn process i am seeing different txids being registered but not the one that is on the inside of detector. All other devices are hardwired to a talk 345 so not sure if the panel is seeing neighbors devices or if i have other systems that i am not seeing. I am seeing at least 4 different tx ids.

What brand/model # of smoke detector are you attempting to learn in? Typically, for 345Mhz sensors the TXID printed on the device should match what the panel says.

It is entirely possible that you are picking up another sensor either in the house or a neighbors sensor.

Its a 2Gig-SMKT2-345 Wireless smoke and Temp alarm with a 2012 Feb date on it.

You should see the exact TXID shown on your sensor.

If you have motion detectors connected to the TAKE-345, that may be causing the issue. The best way to learn in is to attach the back-plate, wait 30 seconds or so, then tamper by removing the back-plate. it might take a few seconds for the tamper to register. Make sure the TXID matches that on the sensor sticker.