TX-E Garage Door Tilt Sensor & ADC/Concord 4 ?

Doe this sensor function in the ADC/Concord 4 ecosystem?

INTERLOGIX TX-E Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Alarming garage door wireless is nice, any use of door status is even better I’d guess. Alarm would not set with garage door open (accidentally) for example… Send status if open after a certain time, etc.

This is a 319.5 sensor and should be fine with a Concord 4.

Note the function of the sensor will be determined by how you program the zone. Sensor Group 10 will function as an Entry Exit sensor, but we recommend using Garage doors as non-alarm sensors typically.

To just use it as a notification only sensor use sensor group 25.

Would a “notification” sensor affect the arming of the system to stay or away ? Ideally these would affect the arming with some type of warning or inhibit… “warming but the garage door(s) is opne”

No, a Group 25 sensor would not cause the panel to protest arming if it was left open. You would need to use a different sensor group like 10 Entry/Exit.

You could instead use Alarm.com notifications to send reminders if the door is left open.

Would ADC do logic like “if system is armed” AND garage door sensor 1 “open” OR garage sensor 2 “open”; then notify via(app message, sms, etc…)

No, sensor left open notifications can be filtered based on time of day but are just based on length of time open.