TX-8010-01-1 panel shows closed but alarm.com shows open

I opened both garage doors earlier and the took a while to update on the panel as closed. One eventually showed close and then the other. Now, alarm.com still shows the 1 door as open even though the panel shows both are closed. Any ideas?

Thanks. Both are TX-8010-01-1 sensors.

Update. The main panel didn’t show the door as opened but the remote touchscreens did. I raised and lowered the door. Now all , including the alarm.com, show the door is closed as it should. Oh well…

There is a delay in Alarm.com updating after a sensor opens or closes. First the sensor has to tell the control panel. Then the control panel has to tell Alarm.com via the cellular connection. If you already had the status page open on the Alarm.com app or website then you might need to hit the little circular arrow refresh button to see the new status.