Two tilt sensors / one working

I ordered two tilt sensors, one for each garage roller door.

The odd thing is that when I test them side-by-side in the garage, one works perfectly and one works very intermittently.


Verify programming, but it sounds like it is defective. I would replace.

Also, be aware tilt sensors are notorious for false alarms. All it needs is a good strong wind against the garage door itself.

I went with the DW10 and the overhead garage door reed switch. Never had a false alarm (installed in 2011)

The price is compatible to the tilt

Can you post a photo of each tilt sensor in its installed position on the door?

They aren’t installed. I was doing the tilt manually at first to ensure they were working with the control panel. That’s when I noticed the issue.

Gotcha, well I do know that they recently changed the sensor design a bit inside (I think to minimize false alarms.) Try setting the one you are having trouble with vertically. Then tip it horizontal and leave it. The sensor should trigger. Can you post a photo of the inside of the tilt sensors? You can just take the covers off and take a photo of them side by side.

They appear identical to me!

This is interesting. May have to do this instead!

Thanks, yes they are, I just wanted to make sure one wasn’t a previous build. That would likely indicate a malfunctioning sensor if those two react differently to the same actions (as long as they are both programmed with the correct loop 2)

Can I return these then and do what the other poster recommended?

Our return policy can be found here. If it is within 30 days, of course. Make sure to include original parts and packaging.

The price is compatible to the tilt

Typo, I meant “comparable”

Can I return these then and do what the other poster recommended?

The DW10 comes with wire leads, plug it in, and then connect the wires to the wires of the overhead garage door reed switch. Tape them off (like you see in pics above). You will need a drill/drill bit. Just install it like you see it.

You will not be installing the DW10 magnet, so save it after you use it to learn serial. They come in handy.

Programming DW10 loop1:
Hit logo at bottom right of screen
Enter installer code
System configuration
Right arrow to blank sensor location
Down arrow
**(02) exit/entry 2
Down arrow
(0862) dw10
Down arrow
Learn serial (or hit shift then learn)
Pull magnet away from switch to get serial programmed
Down arrow
(0) new equip
Down arrow
*Loop (1) 1
Down arrow
(0) disable dialer delay
Down arrow
Voice descriptor (“insert”, enter code…example ‘Garage Door’ code is “101” and “058” for all codes see: Descriptor codes)
Down arrow
(1) report enabled
Down arrow
(1) supervised enabled
Down arrow
(01) voice only


Trying to install the reed switch setup. If I want this to notify me through (let’s say the door stays open greater than 30 seconds), but not trigger an alarm - is it still zone 2 and loop 1?

Zone Type is what matters.

If you want to use it as an entry alarm sensor, Entry Exit 2 is best.

If you want to just use it as a notification sensor, Select “No Response Type: (23)”

Loop is 1 for the wired input, yes.

You can adjust the delay (time door is open before triggering alarm) like so:

(02)entry/exit 2
Loop 1

Then configure

Q5 exit delay (in seconds 120 max) this setting will affect all exit delays
Q7 entry delay2 (in seconds 240 max)