Two questions: doorbell video and lock synchronization

Recently I noticed that my video clip limit is filling up quickly. One of the primary culprits is the doorbell camera I have on the system (ADC-VDB105). I purchased this camera when I was with Frontpoint - I believe it is a rebranded Skybell camera.
I would like motion-triggered video for this camera, but, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t allow for a delay between video uploads nor many other features to help limit clip uploads. There is only a single sensitivity slider (which I have set to Medium - the second lowest setting).
I get lots of “nuisance” motion triggered videos. Any suggestions on how to limit those?

My second system issue has to do with my Schlage BE469 front door lock. I have a variety of users configured for that lock with different settings. To the best of my knowledge, everyone’s settings seem to work, but my dashboard panel has an error next to nearly every user saying “Failed” - in reference to syncing settings. I’m not convinced that the settings have actually failed to sync, but I’m not sure about the error.

The sensitivity slider and a reboot are the troubleshooting steps for a Skybell. I would first try lowering the sensitivity all the way and see if that affects the issue. If not, try setting it instead to the Extremely high setting, which according to ADC actually disables the PIR, which may be the bulk of the issue.

Any improvement?

Regarding the lock, is that a BE469 or a BE469ZP?

What is the manufacturing date of that lock? It would be printed on a label on the lock.

Thanks, Jason. I just set doorbell sensitivity to Extremely high, and I’ll see what happens.

I just pulled the inside cover off of the lock and removed the battery pack. I don’t see a label. Where do I find that?

It should be in that battery housing I believe. Can you confirm if it is the 469 or 469ZP?

So I just checked the original box, and it is actually a BE468 and not a 469. The box says BE468 CAM 716.

Ok, I have sent a network rediscovery command to the system. When is the last time the batteries were replaced on that lock? I would try fresh batteries and then resyncing the codes. Any change?

I just installed 4 fresh AAs and am retrying Sync. I’m not sure how long this typically takes. I initiated the process several minutes ago. The red triangle with an exclamation has disappeared, and now if I click on a User, I see a “Synchronizing devices” message along with two circular arrows next to the User’s code.

On the doorbell camera front, the extra high sensitivity resulted in a slew of videos last night - 120 clips between midnight and 6:30a. I’m moving sensitivity to its lowest setting.

I’m not seeing any code troubles on that lock now. Can you confirm?

I don’t see any errors. Both mobile app and web app still say “Synchronizing devices” in the User field. I will keep an eye on it.
Thank you for your assistance!

So neither of this issues have been resolved.
At both maximum and minimum sensitivity, the doorbell camera motion sensing resulted in many, many videos. Perhaps the only real solution here is a hardware upgrade that allows better controls on motion? Any recommendations?
The door lock issue is back, too. I don’t think the sync ever occurred, and it just took a while to show up on the app. Under the User section of the app, all of my Users are back to saying that sync Failed. I’m more concerned about this one than the doorbell.

For the door lock I would recommend removing it from the panel and relearning it. Follow the steps at the link below, then try resending codes:

Regarding the doorbell, I am going to try sending a change to the motion recording settings in the doorbell. Can you try testing it for a little while when available and let me know if there is any improvement?

Will work on removing lock from panel now.
I am available today to do doorbell motion testing. Let me know what you need.

Okay, I removed the front door lock (needed to temporarily move the panel a bit closer to the lock - though its normal location is quite close). I re-added it - which also took a few tries. When successful, I received a message about S0 vs S2 security. “If this device supports Z-Wave S2 security, the S2 encryption process may have failed.”
Finally, I ran network re-discovery on everything. Right now the Users section of the app looks good. No warnings about sync issues.

For the doorbell, just test over a period of time and determine if the volume of clips has reduced.

Sounds good. It just dawned on me that I may need to wait for February, as I hit my monthly upload limit.