Two houses on one iOS app

Can I control two 2gig panels with one application. Looks like I can add one more system to existing account, but how it will work with iOS application?
Second system is not installed yet, so I’m unable to test it.
Thank you

Yep, you will be able to swap between locations within the app using multi system access. See below.

I’ve seen this video before. It shows a web portal not a mobile app.
Do you have a virtual demo system that I can add to my account?

The same multi-system access is available on the app. Different systems are selected from a drop down at the top, where the system name is located.

Multiple systems are not on the page at once, (for obvious security and clarity reasons) but you can select between them while logged in without having to put in credentials every time.

I do not have a demo login to link to an account.