Two 2GIG Super Switch Takeover on single PSU?

I have a Altronix AL624 powering one Takeover module. Can I add a second and use the same power supply, or do I need a second one?

That depends on how much current the TS1 draws when it’s fully active with the siren going off and everything… which I don’t know. I do know the power supply that comes with the TS1 is 14VDC and 1.7A while the Altronix AL624 is 12VDC and only 1.2A. I’ve been told by 2GIG that the TS1 should work with as low as 9VDC so the AL624 voltage shouldn’t be a problem. However, the current might be a problem. I recommend getting a second AL624 for the second TS1.

The Takeover module operates at 50ma I believe. You should be able to power two off of the Altronix.

Sorry for the confusion. I was looking at adding a second 2GIG-TAKE-345, not a second TS1. My current takeover module runs on a separate transformer than my TS1. My motion sensor is also running off the Altronix and I plan on adding another one of those as well. I’ll check the amperage of the motion detectors and confirm I’m not going to overdraw the power supply. Thanks again for the helpful information gentlemen.

Yes, the TAKE-345 operates on 50 ma. The motion detector likely also has a low current draw so you should be fine, but it would be good to check.

Ha! My bad. I’ve been asked so many times whether a single transformer can power 2 TS1’s that I read that wrong.