Turning button leds off

I can easily find the setting on my ts1 to turn off the led lights for the panic and home buttons, but cannot figure out how to do the same on the main panel (2GIG-CNTRL2-345). Is it possible to do so?

This is an issue that we’ve discussed with 2GIG for quite a while. At the moment, there is no way to disable the Home and Emergency LEDs on the Go Control Panel. Hopefully, there won’t be the same issue when the GC3 comes out.

Thanks for the response. Guess it must be a hardware limitation.


So I just got room darking shades in our bedroom and wow, those led are really bright! I had to hang a pair of shorts over the panel last night!

Surely there has to be a way outside of tearing into the button or taping over them?

I’m pretty disappointed about this.


I think 2GIG assumed if a bedroom keypad would be used, it would be a TS1. Brightness level also does not affect the buttons.

To be fair, I don’t recall there being a way to do this on IQ either.

2GIG has heard a fair share of complaints regarding this so we are waiting to see what the GC3 offers.

You can cut out white vynal stickers or black electrical tape. I taped off 90% of the button to where I can still see the color and identify the button and the status of the system. Been working fine for over a year for me.