Tstat Setting on ADC App

Ok. I have done something foolish. I was at our beach house today, which is still being repaired from Hurricane Harvey. A new adc t2000 tsat was recently installed and I added it to the gc3 panel as a new zwave device. The app walked me through setting it up too. I checked the wiring and entered it as indicated and clicked the send configuration button. After returning home, I found that it had not gone through, and I entered the wiring again from memory, apparently wrongly. The app then showed it as a heat only device. I eventuallt resent default configuration. I want to reconfigure based on the actual wiring as soon as I am back down there. However, I cannot find how to get back to the wiring diagram screen in the app. How do I reconfigure the tsat in the app?


The settings can be set up manually via the advanced and installer tabs on the Tstat configuration card, but the easiest way to get back to the Alarm.com wiring walkthrough would be to delete the thermostat from the panel, wait five minutes, then re-learn the thermostat into the panel. This will trigger the new tstat device wizard when logging into Alarm.com.

Thank you, as always, Jason.