Tstat currently has fan running, and I cannot turn it off

My thermostat turned on the fan (dunno how long this has been occurring, just noticed it few hours ago when I was trying to figure out why unit seemed to be running, there is airflow coming from all registers) and I cannot turn it off. Fan should not be running at all as it is not on circulate mode, fan is set to Auto, and current temp exceeds target set point.

What’s the deal… it is gonna go below freezing in a few hours, and short of killing power to the tstat there seem to be no controls to turn off the fan.

Ok, it stopped.

Mode = Heat, Cool: fan runs Auto (while heating/cooling engaged, fan runs concurrently), and circulate runs (I guess as an override) when heating/cooling is not engaged

The question is why was fan running when it shouldn’t have been? I do NOT want my tstat kicking in fan circulation mode when in AUTO.

If I want circulation on, I will turn it on. Otherwise, fan should only run when there is a call for heat/cool.

There needs to be a way to manually override fan run (like OFF for fan).