TS1 was offline /unplugged for a couple days now I don't know how to re learn it

My TS1 became unplugged somehow for a few days now im just prompted to relearn screen. but when I look on the installed section on the 2 gig Im not sure if I have to delete it somehow or what. Its been like 7 years since I added a new sensor other than a Smoke/carbon 4 months ago.

I looked on youtube but the directions are always for adding New equipment not an existing tS1.

thanks in advance

You want to remove the TS1 from the main panel completely, then re-add.

You can navigate to panel programming by clicking on the Logo on the right hand corner of the screen and enter your installer code. Then navigate to System Configuration then skip to Q4 RF Keypad. Pres the down arrow and you should see a field that says Used and the setting of 0 or 1 either enabled or disabled. If it says Enabled, set it to Disabled then click next, skip and exit saving changes.

Then you will want to re-pair the TS1 with the main panel.This video here will show you how to pair the TS1.

bingo thanks so much for the Super tech support.