TS1 Total Failure?

My TS1 secondary panel completely lost power/screen. The home light does not light up any longer, and the emergency button is unresponsive. I check the voltage coming from the transformer, and it appears to be OK. I also tried a hard reset, but it doesn’t respond to that. Is my hardware completely shot, or would I be able to repair it? Thanks in advance for your help!

At what spot did you test the transformer voltage? What voltage reading did you get?

Double check to make sure the wiring is not loose on either the TS1 or transformer end. In cases like this it is never a bad idea to remove the wiring, cut the ends and expose fresh wire to reconnect to the terminals. If the cable was ever snagged or pulled you could have a broken connection.

I read 14v at the TS1 panel lugs/screws. What makes me think that this is a panel problem is because only one light (emergency) is lit on the panel. The home light isn’t lit (nor the touch screen). So it shows that the panel is getting power, but it’s just not responding to inputs.

Ah, if you have 14VDC at the TS1 screws then power looks good.

One thing which is sort of a hail mary is to check the display circuit ribbon on the board. Power down the TS1 and press down on the ribbon connection with some pressure. Once or twice I have heard of this getting pulled away a bit from the board loosening the connection. After putting some pressure on that connection power the device back up. Any luck?

Have there been any storms or power surges lately?

Nothing obvious to why this would have happened (power surge, storm, etc). I believe I was actually in the other room when it did during good weather. I thought that my toddler son may have pulled on the power cord (why it was the first thing I checked), but my wife said the hadn’t been in the area.

Anyways, I’ll take a look at the ribbon strip tonight as well. Thanks!

Well I totally wasn’t expecting that! It turned back on! That’s crazy! Thanks for the help!

Happy to help!