TS1 ticking

I upgraded my Go Control panel to 1.12 and the TS1 to 1.10 and noticed that the TS1 has a ticking noise coming from the speaker every time it communicates (arrows in right hand corner), it has a very soft tick, tick tick, pause, tick , tick… Any ideas how to troubleshoot such a thing? it drives me nuts at night because my ears are picking up the sound at in the quiet of the night

I haven’t experienced an issue with errant sounds coming from the TS1. The control panel (which houses the cell communicator) is prone to this due to the speaker picking up data transfer.

Do you mean the Go!control panel is making this noise? If so, check to make sure the antenna cable is not running adjacent to the panel speaker. There is a separate punch-out on the back plate for the antenna to be inserted in-wall.

I have noticed the steady speaker humm (almost like barely audible “grey” noise), and tick tick as it communicates/remotes. Sounds like interference/feedback.

Grey noise:http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gray_noise.ogg

I also have a first gen TS1 (“emergency” instead of symbols, and battery backup capability)

I use a PAD1 fixed panic in bedroom, and TS1 at entry, so the “noises” are no concern to me, but otherwise…

Couple options:

Try lowering volume, or
Open up TS1 see if you can muffle the speaker (or tape over it), or somehow insulate it.

else, disconnect speaker, or relocate TS1

I suppose there are too many other noises around the offices here to zero in on a TS1, and I have no TS1 on my own system.

Regardless, as suggested above, the noises are possibly resulting from rf interference of some kind. The more devices you have, the more likely you see it. Some devices operating near the 900mhz range: cordless phones, baby monitors, your own Zwave network. Since you mention it happens corresponding to the comm arrows on your touchscreen, it sounds like the speaker is actually picking up rf from the control panel. Is your TS1 mounted to the wall or stand-mounted? Would you be able to change the orientation of it in the room to face a bit different direction easily?

You need near silence to actually hear the TS1 hummm… and I have to put my ear to the top left corner to hear it even then.

So Im having the same TS1 ticking issue ever since I’ve upgrade it to 1.10 as well. Its driving me crazy and attempted several times to pull the wires off and reattach, move the wires down and away from the TS1 behind the wall, etc. I do have two z-wave light switches in a 4 gang panel near by but they were there prior to upgrading to the latest TS1 firmware with no audible ticks prior. Thought I fixed it several times by un-attaching/re-attaching the TS1 (red/blk) wires but its only temporary as the ticking eventually makes it way back into the speaker.

Any other possible suggestions here to troubleshoot?

I haven’t heard of a TS1 noise or ticking problem either. I’ve only heard of that problem with older main control panels when the cellular antenna wire was near the speaker. I’m not sure how changing the firmware would cause this problem. We’ll probably have to get help from 2GIG on this.

Would you be able to run a test in a different location? If you take the TS1 off the wall and and take the power transformer from the other end of the wire, then power it up in a different location like on a table top, does the problem occur there as well?

P.S. If you do this, make sure to secure the power wire before you disconnect it from the panel so it won’t fall down into the wall.

Had my SafeGuard tech out to my house today and we moved the existing TS1 away from the bedroom into a room with no z-wave and the tick remained. Grabbed a brand new TS1 out of his truck and upgraded to 1.10 and it began to ticked as well … Should note that the new TS1 was nowhere near any z-wave devices.

Tech said the up/dwn arrows seen in the upper right corner of the TS1 sync with the audible tick noise and are the RF communication indicators back to main go control panel and not z-wave communication as I may have suggested.

Not sure where to go from here other than contacting 2Gig. Agree that one wouldn’t think that a firmware upgrade to 1.10 would be a possible cause, but process of elimination has not eliminated it either as it was the only change between noise and no noise. (just my two cents).

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated, Good news I am not the only one experiencing or heard/seen the issue and now know its not just my existing TS1 as we proved that out today.

I wouldn’t rule out the firmware upgrade as the cause. It seems unlikely but the testing shows what it shows. Did you and the tech check whether this new TS1 ticked before the firmware upgrade? That would be kind of a smoking gun if it did - a good A/B test. The good news would be that if a firmware update caused the problem then a future firmware update can fix it. You and/or your SafeGuard tech should report it to 2GIG and we’ll do the same. If we’re lucky maybe they can fix it in an upcoming release.