TS1 Screen Randomly Turns on

I purchased a TS1 back in May that I finally got around to installing on my system. It’s working fine except the screen randomly turns on without being touched. I haven’t noticed any pattern to it yet. Any thoughts?

Does it do this without the main panel being touched either?

Yes, the screen was turning on/off last night while both my wife and I were sitting on the couch watching TV.

I think I asked this before, but the transformers are interchangeable, correct? I moved the main panel and installed the TS1 in the same spot but used the wire/transformer from the main panel since it was already in the wall.

the screen was turning on/off

Transformer is same (14vdc 1.7A)

I have noticed my TS1 does that when I ran it on battery power only when the rechargables were low, and it didn’t have enough power for the screen (and transformer wasn’t powering device). I also have my backlight set to 1 min (it will eat up batteries very quickly otherwise in event of a power loss).

The newer TS1’s do not, to my knowledge, support battery backup, and instead may use a barrel plug. I have not been able to “wake” my TS1 with anything short of touching it, low battery issue (as stated above), or by causing a “temporary not operational” event, or an alarm event.

Verify you do not have a communication issue between main CP and TS1 that may be causing the TS1 to become inoperable, then start walk test and check TS1 signal strength (if red, you may have a problem with a damaged transceiver, dependent on distance TS1 is from panel and wall materials). Verify there is not a XCVR2 issue.

If signal strength is good…

Unwire the transformer on the panel, and wire it to the TS1, and see if problem resolves. Check polarity at transformer and TS1.

Then, if problem doesn’t resolve (and possibly indicate a transformer issue), you may want to check the voltage coming into and leaving the transformer. If all that checks out, then that may indicate a problem with the TS1 itself which will most likely require replacement.

As suggested above, I would verify signal/communication issue are not present. I have not heard of a TS1 screen randomly turning on without provocation, however, certain errors if I recall will bring up the screen (but are displayed on the screen, such as “System is temporarily not operational”)

Does it just flash on to the standard home screen?

I did the walk test and it has 5 green bars so I think the signal strength is OK. Is there anything else I should do to test communication? It’s not displaying any errors that I can see and when it comes on, it’s at the main Home screen.

Stupid question but would my motion detectors turn it on when the system isn’t armed? I’ve been sitting in my kitchen where the TS1 is located and noticed when I walk into my living room and back it turns on a second or two later.

Sensor activity should not kick on the screen backlight. I don’t think that would have any effect. (I can’t replicate it anyway.)

Well that would explain it. I have been testing on a 1.13 system. Apparently this is firmware related and yes, during supervision checks or certain sensor activity, a known bug can cause the TS1 to kick on. This affects previous firmware versions.

To resolve, you will want to update your Panel and TS1 to 1.13.

Great, thanks! It looks like the TS1 is at 1.13 but the panel is 1.12. Forgive my ignorance but I’ve never updated before. Is there a guide on how to do it?

Mismatched firmware is always a problem.

There are two ways to upgrade firmware:

Method 1
Pay surety (or your dealer if not surety) to do an OTA.
Request firmware update via email customerservice@suretydiy.com

Method 2 (free firmware update DIY )
Requires update cable

Download the firmware: http://suretydiy.com/download/2GIG/firmware/archive

Instructions are provided in PDF.

Thanks for your help guys. I just ordered an update cable.