TS1 Panel Screen Distortion?

I seem to have ruined my last TS1 panel when trying to upgrade the firmware using the 4 pin cable. It wouldn’t pair anymore so I got a new one. The new one I purchased has a slight wavy distortion effect on the screen. It’s not terribly prominent but you can see a slight distortion. Anyone else have a panel with this issue?

One question: When switching the panel out, I lost track of which wire was which. I have a yellow and red wire. Of course, I wired it so that it powered on and worked. That leads me to believe I did it right and this screen issue is unrelated.

Are you using the included plug-in power supply to power the new TS1? You should only power the TS1 using the included plug-in.

The wire colors would simply need to be matched to positive and negative terminals on the power supply and on the TS1. If the device powers on, these would be correct, but you will want to know which is which.