TS1 Not Reporting Firmware

Trying to get an OTA update on my panel I’ve been told that my TS1 firmware is not reporting properly. I have a simple button rf keypad as keypad 1, the ts1 is keypad 2. How can I resolve this issue?

It looks like there may be an issue with having an RF PAD1 and a TS1. The TS1 is reporting firmware for keypad1 instead of keypad2. Can you delete both the TS1 and the PAD1 and re-add them but have the TS1 be keypad 1 and the PAD1 be keypad 2.

I have switched the keypads as requested, and the TS1 is now programmed as keypad 1. Both keypads seem to work fine. Let’s give the OTA another try.

Looks like the TS1 is reporting now and an Update was able to push. Thank you.


Excellent! Glad it could all get squared away!