Ts1 not powering


My TOuch screen secondary panel is not powering up. The control panel is working and it reads loss of supervision regarding the secondary. I tried pushing the the face switches for 15 sec and nothing happened. What might be problem. Any suggestions would help.


Check where the TS1 is plugged in and verify that it has not been unplugged.

Make sure the wires were not snagged and pulled from the screw terminals on the transformer.

Are other devices on the same circuit powered? If not, check the circuit breaker.

Check the wiring at the TS1 and make sure it is not loose or shorted. It may help to unplug the transformer, strip fresh wire and reattach to both the TS1 and transformer ends.

Finally, if none of that works and you have a multimeter you can test to see if the transformer wires are delivering the expected 14VDC to tell if the problem is at the transformer or TS1.