TS1 master code

Hi. I just recently bought a complete system from you with full monitoring. I’ve got everything installed and working and have been tinkering with the configuration. Have successfully used the installer and master codes on the primary controller and changed them. When working with the TS1 the installer code works but if I go into the menu using the icon on the lower right corner of the home screen none of my codes work. I really don’t know for sure what’s beyond that icon but I want to find out and see if it’s useful. I assume this is some sort of master code specific to the TS1. Is there a way to reset this or could you tell me what it should default to? Message me directly if that works better. Just thought I’d post it here in case someone else had the same issue.

BTW, I want to commend your company and service. It was very easy to get my sensors installed and the units up and running and the ADC account. Very professional. Also, Lora has helped me with some additional stuff I wanted to add. I have already recommended you to a friend and will again. For anyone with a little technical knowledge I don’t see how your offerings can be beat.

Hi Randal,

I went down the same path the first time I worked with a TS1. The icon in the lower right corner doesn’t do anything on the TS1. It just prompts you for a code but I’m not aware of any code that will work there. Weird, huh? I’m guessing it’s for future use or maybe the programmers borrowed the firmware from the main control panel and forgot to disable that button.

Thank for you for the kind words and for posting in the forum!

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Ah. That makes sense! Thanks for the quick response. Very nice to have this forum.

The logo on the TS1 is a shortcut for disarming when panel is in an armed state, and a secret panic/duress

When armed, hit the ts1 logo, enter user code. Panel disarms (and/or disarms and sends duress)

The logo on main panel serves a different purpose-

It is a shortcut for installer code and system config access.

You cannot access system config/programming menu options from the TS1