TS1 Keypad questions

Hi members, a couple of questions:

  • TS1 has a toolbox (shortcut in the bottom right corner), but when I try to unlock it, my normal master code unlock doesn’t work, nor does something like 1561. What’s the code for these keypads? Oh, and I can get to the TS1’s toolbox from the Menu on the screen (limited settings such as dim/bright etc).

  • The time units on my TS1 are in 24 hours units (military/european/canadian time). How can I switch it back to 12 hours (AM/PM) settings?


The TS1 logo is secret duress (User 8 code regardless of whether panel is armed or not). If the panel is armed, you can use your master or regular user code to disarm. You cannot use an installer code, or access installer box/system config.

Set time and date through main panel menu/toolbox. If you have cellular ADC, the settings are overridden, and you will need to contact customer support for resolving time/date discrepancies.

Thank you, I am clear on #2 question, not quite sure on #1. Does this mean it’s inaccessible in general? Thanks again!

Is what inaccessible?

The TS1 logo is a secret duress code (whatever code you set for user 8 will work), and can also be used to disarm with master/user code. There is nothing to unlock, no special code, no installer/system config access, no nothing but secret duress and disarm shortcut.

Lets say you are the victim of a home invasion, and panel is not armed, and you didn’t set police panic as silent, you click that logo, enter your duress code and if you have central station monitoring, then help is on the way with no one the wiser.

I use it also to disarm when I am home. A convenient shortcut.