TS1 Firmware update


I updated the firmware of my 2GIG system by using the newest firmware available in http://suretydiy.com/download/2GIG/firmware/. The main panel is working fine but the TS1 is not working. It is not connecting to the panel and the main panel displays low or weak signal. I read some documentation from 2gig and it say that the firmware version should match. Now, then installing the firmware to the TSI I get the following warning: " WARNING: The connected TS1 does not match the CP1 flash image."

Can someone of you help me fixing or understanding the problem? Before updating the main panel, everything was working fine and the firmware version was 1.8.


It looks like you’re trying to update your TS1 with the main control panel firmware. There is a separate update program for the TS1 in the 1.12 firmware zip called TS1_V1.10_English_10176d.exe. Use that instead for the TS1.

Thanks! Got it.

I am having the same problem but I know what casued it, my friend updated his panel using CP1 firmware instead of TS1 firmware

A hard reset does not work is there a trick to getting the correct firmware on the unit or factory resetting it back to the default firmware?

Are you saying a TS1 was updated with Control Panel firmware?

The control panel should not be updated with TS1 firmware. TS1 firmware is only for TS1s.

Which are you attempting to reset? a TS1 or a Control Panel?

So yes my friend used the wrong firmware and updated a TS1 panel with CP1 firmware and now the panel will not turn on

is there factory firmware to bring the TS1 panel back to stock?

Thank you for clarifying. I haven’t seen that before. A hard reset procedure will only remove it from its control panel, not alter firmware.

Does the TS1 power up in any way? Button Lights, etc?

You can try re-applying firmware in the same way.

Use the TS1 firmware shortcut and connect the TS1, plug in the TS1 power supply. Does the firmware update program detect a TS1 to update? If it just sits on the no panel screen, it likely cannot be fixed.

I tried reflashing but i get the error that the initial user posted

says it is a cp1 but it is a ts1

it lights up the cross white

Interesting. It let the TS1 be updated with incorrect firmware, but will not allow the reverse, you flash it with correct TS1 firmware?

Does it not allow you to choose to proceed?

I will request a response from 2GIG to see if they have a suggestion or work-around, but I would not expect it.

If you bricked your TS1 by flashing the wrong firmware to it, then chances are likely it will need to be replaced.

yeah that is what i figured, just trying to help a buddy out. I was hoping there was a magic button :slight_smile:

I am kind of surprised that the update program would recognize the TS1 and not throw out an error message preventing you from proceeding.

The only thing you can try is holding down the two face buttons upon start-up for 20-30 seconds. This will default settings (won’t revert firmware, but I am dubious as to whether firmware would have even been accepted in any capacity.)

It’s easy and worth a shot, but it is pretty likely that the TS1 is unusable.

thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

It is BRICKED :frowning: I will tell mu buddy to get a new one