TS1 Communication Problems

More than a year ago, I purchased two TS1 remote panels for my 2GIG system. The were easy to pair and install, and they communicated perfectly with my system for months. During those months, I used them regularly with no malfunctions. Lots of arm/disarm cycles, never a problem. I also have three image motion sensors (2GIG-IMAGE1) that worked perfectly with the system.

More recently (a few months ago), I added some z-wave home automation components to my 2GIG system (two door locks, two light switches, an outlet, and a lamp plug). Since the addition of the z-wave components, I have had communication problems with both of the TS1’s, and the IMAGE1’s routinely malfunction, and then come back online arbitrarily.

When I move the TS1’s closer to the control panel, they work, but I cannot get them to communicate from their originally installed locations (which is where I need them).

Troubleshooting I’ve tried so far:
I’ve removed all my z-wave devices and the TS1’s still won’t communicate from their original locations. They do communicate when in the same room as the control panel. I have tried un-pairing and re-pairing both TS1’s.

It would be nice to have everything working as intended, but at this point, I would settle for all my alarm system components working (TS1’s and IMAGE1’s), and live without the home automation.

Any help appreciated!

The range I think for TS1 to panel is 400’- 500’

If you are not getting that, that may suggest a problem with interference, or your 345 MHz/900 MHz bi directional transceiver may be bad.

Home automation uses a different radio (zwave) on a different frequency (908 mhz)

My TS1’s are well within the 400-500’ range, and as mentioned, worked perfectly for months prior to the installation of the z-wave components.

I inspected the interface, and it looked good (I’m kidding). Any suggestions on how to identify the problem and fix it?

The Zwave network theoretically should have no impact on communication of the IS, TS1.

  1. Did you add any devices that are powered off of the 2GIG board such as a siren?
  2. How far is the panel’s power cable running and do you know the cable gauge?
  3. Did you remove the panel and run it off battery, bringing it to the devices when you added the Zwave devices? The reason I ask is that the XCVR2 transceiver may have been bumped out of place. Check to make sure it is seated properly. I’d recommend powering down the panel and reseating the transceiver to verify.

Thank you for the suggestions, Jason. I’ll address them individually:

  1. I did not add a siren or other devices other than the z-wave switches, outlet, and locks.
  2. The control panel’s power cord is 16 gauge and is approximately 10 feet long.
  3. I didn’t remove the panel, run it off battery, and bring it to the devices when I added them, however, I did power down and re-seat the transceiver this morning. I also inspected the solder connection for the antenna on the transceiver to make sure that had a solid connection.

Then 1 and 2 should have no impact.

It is a stretch, but can you think of other new electronic devices added in the home during this time? Cordless phones, baby monitors, etc.

These kind of issues are usually a hardware issue with the transceiver, but may as well explore the interference possibility.

Check the firmware on the Image Sensors, check the date on the transceiver.

Look for transceiver date 2011
And IS firmware 200.4

I had major issues with the first gen IS’s constantly malfunctioning. I also noticed that when I did system tests, that occasionally it would report signaling in the red for both 900mhz devices (TS1 and IS).

The newer IS’s appeared to have addressed this issue, and I think ADC did something on the backend to stop the constant signaling strength malfunctions (at least in my case).

I have since replaced my IS with the second gen IS (firmware 201.10), and the transceiver with a newly manufactured one.


The only other new electronic device was a wifi exetender. I will try unplugging that and see if that solves the problem.


My transceiver is dated 2011, and I don’t see any obvious firmware noted on the IMAGE1’s.

The IS firmware is on panel itself.

Officially the difference between version 1 and version 2 of the IS is improved battery life. The “malfunction-loss of supervision” issue is never acknowledged, but some have suggested it was caused by the device power saving feature of version 1 (which has been improved upon in version 2).

The old transceiver may be part of your problem. When it was released, it only supported 3 TS1’s. The question is if the transceiver had any hardware revisions since 2011 to support 3 TS1’s, 3 Image Sensors, or 3 TS1’s, 2 Image Sensors and a Bridge.

Image sensor firmware is 201.0.

I unplugged the wifi extender, plugged in one of my TS1’s about 5 feet away from my control panel, then did a walk-test. It showed a weak signal for the TS1 (5 feet away) and for all the image sensors.

I wifi extender shouldn’t do anything, looking for other devices pumping out near 900mhz. Baby Monitors (many at 902 mhz) tend to wreak havoc with nearby bands.

I would come to the conclusion that the issue is the transceiver, but I can double check for a very strange interference possibility with a Zwave device. Can you list the device model numbers you are using?

I would recommend giving a new XCVR2 a shot though as that is most likely your issue.

Since the signal is so very weak even at 5’ it suggests the antenna isn’t working. It may have been damaged.

In my opinion, its a bad placement since it is in the way of the firmware update cable J4 connector. I have to actually lift mine out of the way when I do firmware updates. Failure to do so, can damage it at the board.

Yours acts like the antenna isn’t functioning.


I’d hate for you to spend a lot of time researching an unlikely issue, but since you know much more about this technology than I, I will provide the model numbers. I have, however, disconnected all of these (except the thermostats) as I’ve been troubleshooting. The thermostats were connected before the locks and switches, and worked well.

No new baby monitors or phones. Nothing in or near the 900 MHz range.

Kwikset model 450191 z-wave locks
Leviton catalog number DZR15 z-wave outlet
Leviton catalog number DZPD3 z-wave lamp module
Leviton catalog number DZS15 z-wave switches
2GIG CT100 thermostat
Filtrete 3M-50 themostat

I purchased my transceiver from Surety on June 19, of 2014. Any chance that would still be under warranty?

The 2011 XCVR2 has two revisions that I know of (REV A and REV B)

Mine is a 2014 REV B (1714)

If I had to guess, a REV B XCVR2 is what you want (or a newer hardware revision XCVR2 if applicable).

The XCVR2 has a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, which is what we match. Keep in mind the return policy. If you order, swap it out, and the issue persists, you can return for refund within 30 days. (Just make sure to hang onto packaging)

Sounds reasonable, Jason. Thank you both for all you help.

I’ll place an order for a new transceiver.



The XCVR2 in the store doesn’t specify what revision, and the photo still shows the 2011. Can I safely assume that I will receive the most current, latest & greatest???

I read the manufacturer date code wrong on my XCVR2…its 2714 (27th week of 2014, or June 2014). So mine is approx. a year old (even though I just obtained it new last month).

Anything sent out would be fresh from distribution.

Post above edited to show recent 2714 manufacture date code (June, 2014)

(Note regarding Manu date codes- if and when you obtain a new battery pack, or BATT2X if you have smoke detectors which are required for code compliance, check the date code, make sure it is at least 1714. These battery packs are really only good for 3yrs or so. They “age” whether they sit on a warehouse shelf or not, and a XX14 date code means it had already lost approx. 20% of its rated capacity)