TS1 clicking sounds

I seem to remember from an old thread that clicking sounds coming from a TS1 can be due to RF issues. Given that my unit is wall mounted in the bedroom, it is not movable and random sounds can be annoying at times. Is there any type of workaround for this to keep the sounds from happening? If it matters, the TS1 is at v 1.16.

I do recall an old thread where it was assumed that during RF data transfer with the GC2, the TS1 speaker was popping. This was just an assumption though and never functionally recreated on another TS1.

Re-orienting the TS1 would be the first thing I would try. There is no work-around exactly, but it is difficult to say that RF is the exact problem.

Is there any pattern to when you hear the noise coming from your TS1 speakers?

How long does the sound persist when it occurs?

1.16 is the latest TS1 version.