TS1: Chime and Voice setting

Has anyone had the issue where turning On or Off a systems Chime or Voice setting from the TS1 doesn’t work? For clarification, this is when you go to “Security” -> “menu” -> then check or uncheck the chime and/or voice option there.

Any ideas?

Works for me.

There is the option to disable/enable Chime and Voice on both the TS1 and Main CP

Panel/TS1 Chime= I.e., “ding dong” or voice “front door”

Note= that chime or voice is dependent on what you set/program at main panel for each sensor. Selecting or unselecting this box turns off or on sensor’s voice/chime notification

Panel/TS1 Voice= e.g., “panel armed away, exit now”, or “…bypassed”, or “Panel armed stay, no entry delay”

The box is for the panel voice communications, do not confuse this with sensor sounds, chimes, or voice

When you say it’s not working, can you explain a little more fully what you’re experiencing? Do you mean that the box is unresponsive when you try to uncheck it, or do you mean that the panel still chimes and speaks to you even after the box has been unchecked.

Thanks for the replies and now that I think about this a bit it actually could be working as intended (and not how I initially expected).

If I turn the chime OFF at the TS1, should the chime from the main panel go OFF as well? I was expecting the main panel at TS1 to stay in sync.

The TS1 and the main panel are in sync for all communication. However, the Chime/Voice buttons are independent to each panel or TS1. This is in case you don’t want the chime to work on the TS1 in your bedroom but always want the chime to work on the Control Panel, or a similar setup.

Ok, thank you.