TS1 backlight never goes off

I have two ts1 remotes. I’ve noticed that on one the backlight never shuts off. The screen goes black/blank but in a pitch black room you can see that the backlighting is still on even with the LCD all black. Flaw or am I missing a setting?

Can you verify the Backlight Timeout setting of both through your TS1 toolbox menu?

I checked - both panels are set identically. The setting is on for a 30 second timeout.

I also looked, am running IOP Version: 301.2013 / Firmware V1.10x_PROD, Build 10176

Attached image shows both the keypads at “idle” with the timeout kicked in… as you can see the keypad on the right glows even though it’s a black background/technically off.

I don’t know how it can be faulty hardware as the issue we’re facing is one of the screen backlight not shutting off. If it wouldn’t come on - then I can understand that, but not turning off is odd.

Any thoughts?

Its called backlight bleed. There is no fix.

Backlight bleeding most commonly occurs when this light is not 100% blocked, allowing excess light to "bleed" around the edges of the LCD panel. This backlight bleeding issue leaves spots of lighter areas on a dark or black background.

Normal TS1 backlight off

I know what it is - but the issue is that when the backlight times out - it should shut the actual CFL or LED or whatever lights the panel off to save power and life. If it’s a cheap LCD chances are the backlight is a CFL style from old-school LCD displays which means they have a very limited life especially if on all the time.

Now if that’s normal - so be it, the TS1 isn’t hugely expensive relatively speaking. But if this is not normal I want to get it addressed.

As i said, its NOT normal. There is no fix for your TS1, either live with the backlight bleed, or replace it

A normal TS1 does not have your issue. The attached image showed a normal TS1 with backlight off. Yours is not normal.

If this is a Keypad purchased through suretyDIY, take advantage of the return policy. If it is not under warranty, I don’t know of any fix. 2Gig does not have any special return scenarios for defects that I know of.

2GIG Manu warranty is 1yr, right?

With 2Gig it is different per product, but yes, TS1 is 1 year. (All are at least 1 year)

Product warranties are listed in the boxed instructions.