Trying to pair Yale assure lock 2 z wave and having issues

Trying to pair this with our IQ Panel 2. I have a Yale Assure v1 lock connected that works just fine.

I put the lock in pairing mode and then hit Include on the panel, it finds it right away and says it was added successfully… but then when you try and use it this error message come up and the lock is inoperable.

I updated the panel to the latest software version and tried it again, no luck.

Any suggestions?

The operation is not permitted due to device is paired in non secure mode. You must delete and repair device to operate. (Garage Door)


How far away from the panel is that lock during pairing? Be sure to bring the lock within about 6 feet of the panel, then try to relearn that lock.

Can you confirm the exact model number of that lock? The title mentions assure lock 2, then you mentioned in the text v1 instead. Just want to be sure we know the exact device used. Is this the YRD450 I see listed with a malfunction on your panel?

Can you also confirm the Z-wave module version? Yale locks have a removeable module above the battery tray usually.

I’ll try moving it closer and repairing. Currently it’s around 40’ away, but I’m also using a z-wave repeater.

That’s correct it’s the YRD450. I’ll have to get the z-wave module info for you, don’t have it right now.

Currently it’s around 40’ away, but I’m also using a z-wave repeater.

The repeater does not help during pairing of the lock. The lock needs to be in close proximity of the panel to pair properly. 40 feet is too far. Bring the lock within about 6 feet to pair.

After pairing, wait a minute for all the data transfer during pairing and then move the devices back to their permanent spot and run a network rediscovery on the panel. The network rediscovery helps map the mesh routes and lets the repeaters help the lock signaling.

Ok thanks I’ll try that and report back

That did the trick thanks!